The Small Plates of Manchester


September 2016

2 Nephi 6–8: Approaching Zion

2 Nephi 6 tweet: J reads Isa. Gentile (Pearly?) kings & queens will nurse Israel. Gentiles who dont fight Zion r also saved. God will fight for Israel.

2 Nephi 7 tweet: Has God sold Israel? Israel sold themselves but for a price God has bought Israel again. Walk in your own light, lie down in sorrow.

2 Nephi 8 tweet: God will comfort Zion. Israel pleads for God to awake and redeem them again. In turn God tells Zion to awake, put on strength & b free. Continue reading “2 Nephi 6–8: Approaching Zion”


2 Nephi 5: The Black Robes of a False Priesthood

2 Nephi 5 tweet: L&L plan to kill N. N takes Z + S + J&J + sisters (who knew?) and flees. N-ites prosper & build temple. L-ites cursed. J&J consecrated. Continue reading “2 Nephi 5: The Black Robes of a False Priesthood”

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