The Small Plates of Manchester


March 2016

1 Nephi 11: Love Spreads

1 Nephi 11 tweet: N desires 2c what Lh saw. N sees the ToL + condescension of God. N sees Jesus lifted on the X. N sees the 12 and the fall of G&S building. Continue reading “1 Nephi 11: Love Spreads”


1 Nephi 10: An Unfolding Mystery

1 Nephi 10 tweet: Lh prophesies Jews 2 return, JB 2 baptise Messiah, Israel 2b scattered + gathered + Gentiles grafted in. N seeks his own experience. Continue reading “1 Nephi 10: An Unfolding Mystery”

1 Nephi 9: A Wise Purpose

1 Nephi 9 tweet: N makes 2 sets of plates: 1. full history; 2. ministry. Ministry plates R4 a wise purpose that N knows not. God prepares 2 accomplish all. Continue reading “1 Nephi 9: A Wise Purpose”

1 Nephi 8: Hold Fast

1 Nephi 8 tweet: Lh sees a vision: a fruitful tree, a rod & mist, a G&S building. He sees grps of people: pressing, partaking, wandering, drowning, pointing.

Continue reading “1 Nephi 8: Hold Fast”

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