The Small Plates of Manchester


June 2016

Lost in Translation

Before I actually get to the text of 1 Nephi 20/Isaiah 48, I’m going to pause in a Words-of-Mormon-style interlude and address the potentially thorny issue of translation. Perhaps I should have done this at the beginning, but it’s the challenge of Isaiah in the Book of Mormon, particularly “Deutero-Isaiah”, that means now seems like a good time to think about how the Book of Mormon authors used Isaiah and what role Joseph Smith played in the translation. Continue reading “Lost in Translation”


1 Nephi 19: Wise Purposes

1 Nephi 19 tweet: N makes 2 sets of plates. Prophets testify of Christ + scattering/gathering of Israel. N likens all scriptures to his family. Continue reading “1 Nephi 19: Wise Purposes”

1 Nephi 19: Little and Large

In chapter 19, Nephi breaks from the family history narrative to detail the purposes of the two sets of plates he made. In this post I’ll focus in particular on the first six verses. Essentially, this post will be an extended idea of Joseph Spencer as outlined in his book, An Other Testament.1 I will quote and summarise extensively from his book, the reason being that it is important to properly understand his idea in order to make sense of arguments he will later make about the significance of the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi. Additionally, Spencer’s thoughts about what Nephi writes in 1 Nephi 19:1–6 are central to his suggested structure of 1 and 2 Nephi as outlined here. Continue reading “1 Nephi 19: Little and Large”

1 Nephi 18: Land Ahoy!

1 Nephi 18 tweet: On the ship 2 PL, rude boys tie up N. They R driven back 4 days. N loosed and they arrive at PL. Seeds planted; animals + Au, Ag, Cu found. Continue reading “1 Nephi 18: Land Ahoy!”

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