The Small Plates of Manchester


May 2016

1 Nephi 17: We Know

1 Nephi 17 tweet: Arrival at Bountiful. N told 2 build a ship. L&L laugh. N reminds L&L about Israel and rebukes them. N shocks L&L and they cannot touch him. Continue reading “1 Nephi 17: We Know”


1 Nephi 17: Try a Little Tenderness

I don’t get particularly animated about evidences for (or against) the Book of Mormon. But as there has been quite a bit written about the possible locations of Nahom and Bountiful in the Arabian Peninsula I thought I would at least make a passing reference to it. For those who enjoy this kind of thing, I’ve found Jeff Lindsay provides a pretty reasonable approach to questions about Book of Mormon evidences and authenticity. He’s made a lot of his apologetic work freely available, including an introduction to several of the most up to date resources re. Nahom and Bountiful. For good measure, the FAIR guys also have pages on Nahom and Bountiful that include a couple of short videos that are worth watching if you have a spare couple of minutes. Additionally, the suggested site of the ancient Bountiful has garnered more interest recently following permission by the Omani government to do archaeological research there and the discovery of a proposed ancient sanctuary.      Continue reading “1 Nephi 17: Try a Little Tenderness”

1 Nephi 16: Of Curious Workmanship

1 Nephi 16 tweet: Lh sons marry Ih daughters. They find Liahona. N breaks bow, all murmur. N slays beasts, all humble. Ih dies at NHM. L&L want to kill Lh&N. Continue reading “1 Nephi 16: Of Curious Workmanship”

1 Nephi 15: Tree of Life Redux

1 Nephi 15 tweet: N grieves because of what he has seen. N teaches Lh’s seed will receive gospel from Gentiles in latter days. He interprets the ToL vision. Continue reading “1 Nephi 15: Tree of Life Redux”

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