The Small Plates of Manchester


July 2016

1 Nephi 21–22: The Isaiah Remix

1 Nephi 21 tweet: God speaks to scattered HoI. He will be a light to Gs. Rejoice, God will not forget HoI. He will set up standard & Gs will carry HoI home.

1 Nephi 22 tweet: N interprets Isa 4 L&L. HoI will be scattered. God will make known His covenants 2 Gs + HoI. GaAC will fall. Prophet will rise & gather HoI. Continue reading “1 Nephi 21–22: The Isaiah Remix”


1 Nephi 20: Furnace of Affliction

1 Nephi 20 tweet: Israel swears falsely but is refined + chosen. Righteousness = seed as sand. Jacob 2 leave Babylon and declare he is redeemed of the Lord. Continue reading “1 Nephi 20: Furnace of Affliction”

Still Lost in Translation

This post is longer than I anticipated, but along with the previous post it lays important groundwork for understanding how to handle difficult issues regarding the Book of Mormon text as they crop up from time to time. So I think it’s worth the work now. Continue reading “Still Lost in Translation”

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