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1 Nephi

1 Nephi 21–22: The Isaiah Remix

1 Nephi 21 tweet: God speaks to scattered HoI. He will be a light to Gs. Rejoice, God will not forget HoI. He will set up standard & Gs will carry HoI home.

1 Nephi 22 tweet: N interprets Isa 4 L&L. HoI will be scattered. God will make known His covenants 2 Gs + HoI. GaAC will fall. Prophet will rise & gather HoI. Continue reading “1 Nephi 21–22: The Isaiah Remix”


1 Nephi 20: Furnace of Affliction

1 Nephi 20 tweet: Israel swears falsely but is refined + chosen. Righteousness = seed as sand. Jacob 2 leave Babylon and declare he is redeemed of the Lord. Continue reading “1 Nephi 20: Furnace of Affliction”

1 Nephi 19: Wise Purposes

1 Nephi 19 tweet: N makes 2 sets of plates. Prophets testify of Christ + scattering/gathering of Israel. N likens all scriptures to his family. Continue reading “1 Nephi 19: Wise Purposes”

1 Nephi 19: Little and Large

In chapter 19, Nephi breaks from the family history narrative to detail the purposes of the two sets of plates he made. In this post I’ll focus in particular on the first six verses. Essentially, this post will be an extended idea of Joseph Spencer as outlined in his book, An Other Testament.1 I will quote and summarise extensively from his book, the reason being that it is important to properly understand his idea in order to make sense of arguments he will later make about the significance of the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi. Additionally, Spencer’s thoughts about what Nephi writes in 1 Nephi 19:1–6 are central to his suggested structure of 1 and 2 Nephi as outlined here. Continue reading “1 Nephi 19: Little and Large”

1 Nephi 18: Land Ahoy!

1 Nephi 18 tweet: On the ship 2 PL, rude boys tie up N. They R driven back 4 days. N loosed and they arrive at PL. Seeds planted; animals + Au, Ag, Cu found. Continue reading “1 Nephi 18: Land Ahoy!”

1 Nephi 17: We Know

1 Nephi 17 tweet: Arrival at Bountiful. N told 2 build a ship. L&L laugh. N reminds L&L about Israel and rebukes them. N shocks L&L and they cannot touch him. Continue reading “1 Nephi 17: We Know”

1 Nephi 17: Try a Little Tenderness

I don’t get particularly animated about evidences for (or against) the Book of Mormon. But as there has been quite a bit written about the possible locations of Nahom and Bountiful in the Arabian Peninsula I thought I would at least make a passing reference to it. For those who enjoy this kind of thing, I’ve found Jeff Lindsay provides a pretty reasonable approach to questions about Book of Mormon evidences and authenticity. He’s made a lot of his apologetic work freely available, including an introduction to several of the most up to date resources re. Nahom and Bountiful. For good measure, the FAIR guys also have pages on Nahom and Bountiful that include a couple of short videos that are worth watching if you have a spare couple of minutes. Additionally, the suggested site of the ancient Bountiful has garnered more interest recently following permission by the Omani government to do archaeological research there and the discovery of a proposed ancient sanctuary.      Continue reading “1 Nephi 17: Try a Little Tenderness”

1 Nephi 16: Of Curious Workmanship

1 Nephi 16 tweet: Lh sons marry Ih daughters. They find Liahona. N breaks bow, all murmur. N slays beasts, all humble. Ih dies at NHM. L&L want to kill Lh&N. Continue reading “1 Nephi 16: Of Curious Workmanship”

1 Nephi 15: Tree of Life Redux

1 Nephi 15 tweet: N grieves because of what he has seen. N teaches Lh’s seed will receive gospel from Gentiles in latter days. He interprets the ToL vision. Continue reading “1 Nephi 15: Tree of Life Redux”

1 Nephi 14: A Tale of Two Churches

1 Nephi 14 tweet:
Gentiles to be counted w/ Israel. 2 churches only: of the Lamb (few); of the devil (many). N sees John. John writes about end times. Continue reading “1 Nephi 14: A Tale of Two Churches”

1 Nephi 13: The Remnant

1 Nephi 13 tweet: N sees GaAC + Gentiles. GaAC corrupts Bible, Gentiles stumble. Words of N’s seed 2 come 4th 2 establish truth of Bible. Last 1st, 1st last. Continue reading “1 Nephi 13: The Remnant”

1 Nephi 13: Eurovision

Lehi interpreted his vision primarily in a familial way, i.e. though he saw numberless concourses of people, his primary focus was on where his family were in the vision (see 1 Ne 8:14–18, 35). For Nephi, his vision stretched far beyond this family focus – he saw what would become of his and his brothers’ seed, and in chapter 13 he saw the beginnings of what elsewhere is referred to as the times of the Gentiles (see D&C 45:28–30), or as Joe Spencer calls it the “European phase of the vision”. However, while it would appear that Nephi moved beyond the vision of the tree, the rod, the river, and the building, if we read his words closely we will see elements of Lehi’s original vision in Nephi’s far more expansive view.

Continue reading “1 Nephi 13: Eurovision”

1 Nephi 12: Garments Made White

1 Nephi 12 tweet: N sees wars, earthquakes, fire + Christ’s visit. 4 gens pass away in righteousness. L-ites overcome N-ites because of N-ite pride. Continue reading “1 Nephi 12: Garments Made White”

1 Nephi 11: Love Spreads

1 Nephi 11 tweet: N desires 2c what Lh saw. N sees the ToL + condescension of God. N sees Jesus lifted on the X. N sees the 12 and the fall of G&S building. Continue reading “1 Nephi 11: Love Spreads”

1 Nephi 10: An Unfolding Mystery

1 Nephi 10 tweet: Lh prophesies Jews 2 return, JB 2 baptise Messiah, Israel 2b scattered + gathered + Gentiles grafted in. N seeks his own experience. Continue reading “1 Nephi 10: An Unfolding Mystery”

1 Nephi 9: A Wise Purpose

1 Nephi 9 tweet: N makes 2 sets of plates: 1. full history; 2. ministry. Ministry plates R4 a wise purpose that N knows not. God prepares 2 accomplish all. Continue reading “1 Nephi 9: A Wise Purpose”

1 Nephi 8: Hold Fast

1 Nephi 8 tweet: Lh sees a vision: a fruitful tree, a rod & mist, a G&S building. He sees grps of people: pressing, partaking, wandering, drowning, pointing.

Continue reading “1 Nephi 8: Hold Fast”

1 Nephi 8: Fruit Most Sweet

As discussed previously, Lehi’s vision is at the heart of the original Book of Mormon chapter II. It is preceded by Nephi stating that his purpose is to persuade readers to come unto the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, i.e. those fathers who received great promises concerning their seed, as discussed here, and by Lehi’s sons returning to Jerusalem, ostensibly to find wives that they might have seed, as discussed here. I will keep these thoughts in mind and the preliminary thoughts re. the vision from last week as I begin to work through chapter 8.

Continue reading “1 Nephi 8: Fruit Most Sweet”

1 Nephi 8: The Way

Writing about this chapter is harder than I thought it would be. Because the vision lends itself to artists’ renditions – even Sunday school teachers are used to sketching out the various symbols on a board – from a young age we have in our minds an idea of what Lehi saw. The challenge with Lehi’s dream is that we are so familiar with the details that it’s perhaps difficult for the Spirit to get past and teach us beyond what President Uchtdorf calls the massive iron gate of what we think we already know. In this post (and subsequent posts that deal with the vision), I’ll try and outline what I think are a few novel ways to consider the various symbols of the vision and the vision as a whole. As with a lot of what I write, my thinking is significantly influenced by what others have said. I’ll try and point out which ideas come from where, and if you can I’d recommend you read through the references at the bottom of each post.

Continue reading “1 Nephi 8: The Way”

1 Nephi 7: Two Tribes

1 Nephi 7 tweet: Ih family leave Jrsm. L&L rebel. N rebukes. L&L bind N. Repeat. Ih women plead w/ L&L, L&L plead w/ N & N forgives. Lh and Ih families join.

Continue reading “1 Nephi 7: Two Tribes”

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