The Small Plates of Manchester

Jacob 1: The First Amendment

Jacob 1 tweet: N gives J small plates. N dies, 2nd N is new king. N-ites desire many wives + Ag + Au. J&J priests + teachers. J teaches in temple. Continue reading “Jacob 1: The First Amendment”


2 Nephi 33: Farewell to the Big Kahuna

2 Nephi 33 tweet: Hard hearts miss writing of great worth. N glories in Jesus. N speaks to J and G – believe in Christ & his word. N cries farewell from dust. Continue reading “2 Nephi 33: Farewell to the Big Kahuna”

2 Nephi 32: Bitter Sweet Symphony

In the last post I wrote some extended thoughts on what it means to pray always. The tl;dr version: to pray always is as much an approach to life – a way of seeing the world and of looking for God in all aspects of it – as it is a series of discrete events. But after I posted I remembered that some time ago I did a bit of study on the two phrases “feast upon the words of Christ” (v.3) and “pray always, and not faint” (v.9). What follows are just some random notes and questions as I followed the scriptures linked to these phrases. Continue reading “2 Nephi 32: Bitter Sweet Symphony”

2 Nephi 32: The God Samaritan

2 Nephi 32 tweet: Y ponder? If u rec’d the HG u speak w/ tongue of angels. Feast, ask, knock – the HG will show the way. And pray always.

Continue reading “2 Nephi 32: The God Samaritan”

2 Nephi 31: And Salvation is not a Zero-Sum Game

2 Nephi 31 tweet: N speaks plainly. Jesus baptised 2 obey, 2b example. Follow Son – baptism, HG, speak as angels. After, press 4ward + endure = eternal life. Continue reading “2 Nephi 31: And Salvation is not a Zero-Sum Game”

2 Nephi 31: God is not a Vending Machine

At last we come to Nephi’s final three chapters that make up the end of Nephi’s record. According to the structure outlined at the beginning of this project, in 2 Nephi 31–33, Nephi makes some concluding remarks concerning the doctrine of Christ and how the reader should approach the veil. So over the course of these last three chapters we might notice subtle references that prepare us for the veil – angels, prayer, asking, knocking. Continue reading “2 Nephi 31: God is not a Vending Machine”

2 Nephi 29–30: Peace Out

2 Nephi 29 tweet: God’s words hiss 4th. Gs say a Bible – got it! Fools, God speaks to more than 1 nation. Jews, N-ites, lost tribes, all nations shall write.

2 Nephi 30 tweet: Gs who repent r covenant ppl. L-ite remnant + Jews will know Christ. God will work among all nations. Great division – S will have no pwr.

Continue reading “2 Nephi 29–30: Peace Out”

2 Nephi 28: The Sin of Certainty

2 Nephi 28 tweet: BoM 2 come 4th in day when churches contend, deny pwr of HG, say eat, drink b merry. Stop singing hymn #30. And don’t say we have enough. Continue reading “2 Nephi 28: The Sin of Certainty”

2 Nephi 26–27: A Golden Stumbling Block

2 Nephi 26 tweet: Christ will show himself & bring new law. 4G to pass in peace. In the last days there will b a voice from the dust. God denieth none.

2 Nephi 27 tweet: Last days there will b a deep sleep & a sealed book from those who slumber. Learned cannot read. Unlearned will read. Lord will do a MW&W.    Continue reading “2 Nephi 26–27: A Golden Stumbling Block”

2 Nephi 25: Dear Dieter…

2 Nephi 25 tweet: Isa is hard to get. Who knew? N prophesies plainly of Messiah. Grace saves, after all. Talk, rejoice, preach of Christ. But keep the Law. Continue reading “2 Nephi 25: Dear Dieter…”

2 Nephi 25: Not Seeing the Wood for the Cement Trees

The last dozen or so posts have focused pretty closely on the actual text of the Isaiah chapters of 2 Nephi. We’re not actually done with Isaiah yet because, as we’ll see in the next few chapters, Nephi weaves the writings of Isaiah with strands from his own vision (as recorded in 1 Nephi 11–14) in order to liken Isaiah’s prophecies to latter-day Israel. But before we get to that I’m going to take a break from Isaiah (kind of) and instead focus on just a couple of verses from Nephi. In the opening verses of 2 Nephi 25, in order to explain why his own people fail to understand the prophecies of Isaiah, Nephi offers the following explanation: Continue reading “2 Nephi 25: Not Seeing the Wood for the Cement Trees”

2 Nephi 23–24: Babylon the Great is Falling

2 Nephi 23 tweet: God calls army 2 destroy Babylon. No light in heaven. Children + YM 2b dashed, man rarer than Au. Babylon shall b as S&G and left desolate.

2 Nephi 24 tweet: King of B down, earth rests + sings. Hell greets king of B – ru the man? King of B will b cast out + cut off. Poor 2 trust in Zion. Continue reading “2 Nephi 23–24: Babylon the Great is Falling”

2 Nephi 21–22: Snake Charming: Just Child’s Play

2 Nephi 21 tweet: Stem of Jesse will judge righteously. Wolf+lamb, calf+lion, snake+child. Root of Jesse 2b ensign for Gs. Remnant 2b recovered 4 a 2nd time.

2 Nephi 22 tweet: All will sing praises: God is salvation + strength. Zion will sing unto God for great is the Holy One of Israel. Continue reading “2 Nephi 21–22: Snake Charming: Just Child’s Play”

2 Nephi 20: Like the Wolf on the Fold

2 Nephi 20 tweet: Assyria – rod of God’s anger – boasts itself against God. So God will consume Assyria’s glory. And a remnant of Jacob will return.    Continue reading “2 Nephi 20: Like the Wolf on the Fold”

2 Nephi 19: Let Isaiah Handel It

2 Nephi 19 tweet: Darkness, oppression R over 4 unto us a child is born. But Eph is proud & God’s hand is stretched out still X3. Eph will B fuel 4 fire.   Continue reading “2 Nephi 19: Let Isaiah Handel It”

2 Nephi 18: No to The Dukes of Hazzard

2 Nephi 18 tweet: Syr+Eph ruined b4 MSHB can talk. Jdh: flood instead of gentle H2O. No confederacy; God 2b sanctuary. No peeping wizards; sealed law instead.  Continue reading “2 Nephi 18: No to The Dukes of Hazzard”

2 Nephi 17: Hiss for the Fly

2 Nephi 17 tweet: 2 kings vs Judah. Isa tells Ahaz dont worry about them, they r burnt out matches. Immanuel is the sign. Worry about Assyria instead. Continue reading “2 Nephi 17: Hiss for the Fly”

2 Nephi 16: Fat Hearts and Heavy Ears

2 Nephi 16 tweet: Seraphim, wings x6, cry holy x3. Isa sees God, his lips r purged. God says close hearts, ears + eyes. Destruction will leave a holy seed. Continue reading “2 Nephi 16: Fat Hearts and Heavy Ears”

2 Nephi 16: Los Angeles

As described previously, 2 Nephi 16 (Isaiah 6) marks the start of part 2 of Nephi’s re-telling of Isaiah’s three-part story. In part 2, Isaiah will describe how the Lord, through the destruction that will come upon Israel, produces a remnant capable of understanding Isaiah’s prophecies. In this post I’ll look at the call of Isaiah as described in v1–8 and then in the next post how that call sets up Isaiah to prophesy concerning the remnant (v9–13). As in my last post, I’ll be relying heavily on the work of Joe Spencer to make sense of this chapter. Continue reading “2 Nephi 16: Los Angeles”

Isaiah Rebooted

How do you solve a problem like Isaiah? There’s no two ways about it, reading Isaiah – reading Isaiah in the Book of Mormon – is hard. As I’ve mentioned previously, the problem with Isaiah is that we just don’t really understand what Isaiah is saying and therefore, what Nephi is doing by quoting from him so extensively. Therefore, the tendency is to skim read or skip completely the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi. But help has arrived! In just the few pages I’ve read so far, Joseph Spencer’s The Vision of All: Twenty-five Lectures on Isaiah in Nephi’s Record has done more to clarify what Isaiah is saying and, perhaps more importantly, what Nephi is doing with Isaiah, than anything else I’ve read before. The reviews I’ve read of Spencer’s book have been overwhelmingly positive.1,2 Adam Miller’s review in particular is worth reading in its entirety. In it he states: Continue reading “Isaiah Rebooted”

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