The Small Plates of Manchester


February 2017

2 Nephi 19: Let Isaiah Handel It

2 Nephi 19 tweet: Darkness, oppression R over 4 unto us a child is born. But Eph is proud & God’s hand is stretched out still X3. Eph will B fuel 4 fire.   Continue reading “2 Nephi 19: Let Isaiah Handel It”


2 Nephi 18: No to The Dukes of Hazzard

2 Nephi 18 tweet: Syr+Eph ruined b4 MSHB can talk. Jdh: flood instead of gentle H2O. No confederacy; God 2b sanctuary. No peeping wizards; sealed law instead.  Continue reading “2 Nephi 18: No to The Dukes of Hazzard”

2 Nephi 17: Hiss for the Fly

2 Nephi 17 tweet: 2 kings vs Judah. Isa tells Ahaz dont worry about them, they r burnt out matches. Immanuel is the sign. Worry about Assyria instead. Continue reading “2 Nephi 17: Hiss for the Fly”

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