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January 2017

2 Nephi 16: Fat Hearts and Heavy Ears

2 Nephi 16 tweet: Seraphim, wings x6, cry holy x3. Isa sees God, his lips r purged. God says close hearts, ears + eyes. Destruction will leave a holy seed. Continue reading “2 Nephi 16: Fat Hearts and Heavy Ears”


2 Nephi 16: Los Angeles

As described previously, 2 Nephi 16 (Isaiah 6) marks the start of part 2 of Nephi’s re-telling of Isaiah’s three-part story. In part 2, Isaiah will describe how the Lord, through the destruction that will come upon Israel, produces a remnant capable of understanding Isaiah’s prophecies. In this post I’ll look at the call of Isaiah as described in v1–8 and then in the next post how that call sets up Isaiah to prophesy concerning the remnant (v9–13). As in my last post, I’ll be relying heavily on the work of Joe Spencer to make sense of this chapter. Continue reading “2 Nephi 16: Los Angeles”

Isaiah Rebooted

How do you solve a problem like Isaiah? There’s no two ways about it, reading Isaiah – reading Isaiah in the Book of Mormon – is hard. As I’ve mentioned previously, the problem with Isaiah is that we just don’t really understand what Isaiah is saying and therefore, what Nephi is doing by quoting from him so extensively. Therefore, the tendency is to skim read or skip completely the Isaiah chapters in 2 Nephi. But help has arrived! In just the few pages I’ve read so far, Joseph Spencer’s The Vision of All: Twenty-five Lectures on Isaiah in Nephi’s Record has done more to clarify what Isaiah is saying and, perhaps more importantly, what Nephi is doing with Isaiah, than anything else I’ve read before. The reviews I’ve read of Spencer’s book have been overwhelmingly positive.1,2 Adam Miller’s review in particular is worth reading in its entirety. In it he states: Continue reading “Isaiah Rebooted”

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