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April 2016

1 Nephi 14: A Tale of Two Churches

1 Nephi 14 tweet:
Gentiles to be counted w/ Israel. 2 churches only: of the Lamb (few); of the devil (many). N sees John. John writes about end times. Continue reading “1 Nephi 14: A Tale of Two Churches”


1 Nephi 13: The Remnant

1 Nephi 13 tweet: N sees GaAC + Gentiles. GaAC corrupts Bible, Gentiles stumble. Words of N’s seed 2 come 4th 2 establish truth of Bible. Last 1st, 1st last. Continue reading “1 Nephi 13: The Remnant”

1 Nephi 13: Eurovision

Lehi interpreted his vision primarily in a familial way, i.e. though he saw numberless concourses of people, his primary focus was on where his family were in the vision (see 1 Ne 8:14–18, 35). For Nephi, his vision stretched far beyond this family focus – he saw what would become of his and his brothers’ seed, and in chapter 13 he saw the beginnings of what elsewhere is referred to as the times of the Gentiles (see D&C 45:28–30), or as Joe Spencer calls it the “European phase of the vision”. However, while it would appear that Nephi moved beyond the vision of the tree, the rod, the river, and the building, if we read his words closely we will see elements of Lehi’s original vision in Nephi’s far more expansive view.

Continue reading “1 Nephi 13: Eurovision”

1 Nephi 12: Garments Made White

1 Nephi 12 tweet: N sees wars, earthquakes, fire + Christ’s visit. 4 gens pass away in righteousness. L-ites overcome N-ites because of N-ite pride. Continue reading “1 Nephi 12: Garments Made White”

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