The Small Plates of Manchester


May 2017

2 Nephi 25: Dear Dieter…

2 Nephi 25 tweet: Isa is hard to get. Who knew? N prophesies plainly of Messiah. Grace saves, after all. Talk, rejoice, preach of Christ. But keep the Law. Continue reading “2 Nephi 25: Dear Dieter…”


2 Nephi 25: Not Seeing the Wood for the Cement Trees

The last dozen or so posts have focused pretty closely on the actual text of the Isaiah chapters of 2 Nephi. We’re not actually done with Isaiah yet because, as we’ll see in the next few chapters, Nephi weaves the writings of Isaiah with strands from his own vision (as recorded in 1 Nephi 11–14) in order to liken Isaiah’s prophecies to latter-day Israel. But before we get to that I’m going to take a break from Isaiah (kind of) and instead focus on just a couple of verses from Nephi. In the opening verses of 2 Nephi 25, in order to explain why his own people fail to understand the prophecies of Isaiah, Nephi offers the following explanation: Continue reading “2 Nephi 25: Not Seeing the Wood for the Cement Trees”

2 Nephi 23–24: Babylon the Great is Falling

2 Nephi 23 tweet: God calls army 2 destroy Babylon. No light in heaven. Children + YM 2b dashed, man rarer than Au. Babylon shall b as S&G and left desolate.

2 Nephi 24 tweet: King of B down, earth rests + sings. Hell greets king of B – ru the man? King of B will b cast out + cut off. Poor 2 trust in Zion. Continue reading “2 Nephi 23–24: Babylon the Great is Falling”

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