To read about my motivation for starting this blog, please see the ‘About’ page:

I’ll try and post something once a week – probably over the weekend. Posts will cover the material from the Book of Mormon that I’ve been reading and thinking about over the previous week, but that will probably not consist of more than 2–3 of pages of text.

I realise that at that pace it will take several years to finish the book (if I get there), but there are a couple of reasons for going that slowly. Firstly, in general, I think we read the scriptures too quickly. So I’d like to slow down and not work with any set number of verses or chapters in mind when I pick up the book. Secondly, by only covering a couple of pages a week, I’m trying to make the blog as accessible to as many people as would like to follow along, i.e. if you want to spend hours working through just a few verses, hopefully the blog will provide a place for you to share your ‘translation’ efforts; however, if you only have a spare 10–15 minutes a week to read, my pace will still allow you to keep up.

Posts will be a bit of a mix – observations, reflections, questions, etc. I’ll try and flag any articles I find that may be of interest and I’ll reference books or articles or blog posts that influence my thinking. I don’t have a set format in mind for the posts, and they may come across as a stream of consciousness rather than as structured thoughts. But at the end of each post I’ll try and let you know what material I’ll cover in the next post.

I hope you’ll join in. I look forward to hearing from you.